Solar Insurance is a very specialized field that requires a depth of knowledge about the many fiscal issues associated with large solar arrays. There are many phases of these activities and each is critical to a successful solar installation. Walsh Carter & Associates has been one of our trusted insurance sources since 2008 when we were founded.

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Solar Insurance

Total SPF Solar Protection Package
The Walsh Carter & Associates Total SPF Solar Protection Package is our response to the needs of the solar energy industry. Our SolarShield SPF has been dubbed “The Holy Grail of the Solar Insurance World”. Together with our Extended Business Income Protection, comprehensive coverage is provided for any solar energy installation.

These simple but repetitive questions have been raised by investors and bankers:

“…but what if it just doesn’t work?
What if the sun just doesn’t shine?
Who will guarantee we get paid?”

We have satisfied the demands of financial institutions for the certainty of solar revenue. The Walsh Carter Total SPF SolarShield program offers total indemnity for the income revenue stream of a solar PV system. The mechanics of this program are straightforward. The system works as designed or you are covered for the difference.


At Walsh Carter & Associates, we have a keen insight into the solar industry and understand the financial risk and exposure associated with offering solar panel installation and service. As a result, we pioneered the industry’s most comprehensive solar power coverage that protects all the key stake holders including the integrator, installer, maintenance and operations companies, as well as the banks and investors that provide financing. Your best preventative measure to avoid getting burned is to protect yourself with one of Walsh Carter’s TOTAL Solar Protection Factor (SPF) coverage programs. We designed these programs to fully cover the key exposure factors enabling total financial indemnity that could make or break your next deal.

The combination of our Comprehensive Solar Business Protection plan along with our unique SolarShield SPF Extended Indemnities package delivers the most complete solar industry protection package ever offered to the industry.

Specialty insurance practices are the forte of Walsh Carter and we possess decades of experience specifically in the energy industry. Our seasoned professionals are experts in assessing your specific needs, determining optimum coverage solutions and negotiating the most competitive rates available.

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